Welcome to The Beaded Heart Blog

Welcome to The Beaded Heart Blog
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Love Knot

I've been busy getting ready for a little craft fair we're going to have where I work. Last Saturday I spent the day working with wire projects. I was using 18 and 16 gauge wire and made earrings, bracelets, and some pendants. By the end of the day my hands were beat! The next morning I took a healthy dose of tylenol arthritis meds to try to get them loosened up again. I was planning on doing some beading for some more magnetic pins and my fingers were just not cooperating! I even woke up during the night on Saturday night to find myself massaging my hands.

Of the bracelets I made on Saturday, several included the love knot. This is a beautiful piece of wirework. I used 18 gauge non-tarnish craft wire (silver around copper. You make coils (I used a 5.5 mandrel) and then separate about every 4-5 coils. I used my flush cutters to trim the ends neatly and then you screw them together like you would a key into a key chain (only you keep going until one piece of coil is screwed all the way into the other). This interlocks the coils at an angle and looks like a knot. Very cool! As soon as I can find my camera I'm going to post some photos.