Welcome to The Beaded Heart Blog

Welcome to The Beaded Heart Blog
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Monday, August 9, 2010

Bead Society of the South Shore

Today is Monday, August 9, and we are having an information meeting at Gemorama in Hanover, MA for anyone who would like to learn more about the Bead Society. It's very exciting...we've got some creative people just waiting to get started, learn new techniques, share what they already know, and just basically get together and play. The meeting schedule is the 3rd Sat of the month starting September 19.

There will probably be a membership limit because of the size of the meeting space, so if you are interested in joining, let me know.

BTW, did you do any beading this weekend? I'm happy to say I did! While watching the Red Sox get beaten up by the Yankees (sigh) I worked on a sterling silver bracelet I started last weekend. It has alternating plain and twisted links, three sizes of tahitian pearls in different settings (bead caps on both ends of one size, set with a crystal from my wedding dress for the smallest size, and wrapped in a thing sterling silver wire for the largest size. I made sterling wire coils and spirals and added "love," "hope," etc. charms. I also started to make some tubular peyote embellished beads, but only got 2 done and would like to have about 10 of them dangling from the bracelet. THAT will take some time to finish.

I also started a square stitch base for a loop bracelet...well, I'm not sure that's what they are called, but that's what I call them. You make the square stitched base and then embellish each bead with a variety of sizes and textures of beads in a loop. I think there's a picture of one of these types of bracelets in one of the tutorials on the Fire Mountain Gems website (may not be there anymore). A friend made one for me before I was really back into beading, and I would like a couple more in different color schemes. They are a little labor intensive to make, but they pack a punch and are definitely worth it. I'll try to add a pic to the blog when it's finished.

Happy beading,

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  1. Do you have room for another member of the Bead Society? I would love to join you and get together with other like-minded people. I live in Marshfield. I'm sure when I tell my sister-in-law about this she would probably also love to join in. You can find my work on Facebook @ facebook.com/dancingwireandbeads.

    Would love to hear from you,
    Lori Callahan