Welcome to The Beaded Heart Blog

Welcome to The Beaded Heart Blog
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Friday, May 7, 2010

Time Flies...if we're lucky

It seems incredible that my last entry was back in March. Here it is early May and so much has happened. I had not one but two surgical procedures in early April and spent most of the month at home. Relatively speaking, it was a fast recovery, but it didn't feel that way as I kept waiting and waiting to feel better and get back to my life! Across the room sat my little beading station, yet I seldom had the energy to and string anything together. I did do some chain mail, which I think is great fun, but not much was actually accomplished. So those weeks I was under the weather did not seem to go by quickly.

Now that I'm back at the office, I, of course, wish I were back at home. Nearly every day there is a new inspiration for a project, whether beading or sewing. Tomorrow I learn kumihimo! At least, I'll try to learn it. In the coming weeks I'm taking a class on making a wire necklace and learning a new chain mail weave.

But the most exciting thing of all is that I'm going to Bead Fest in Philadelphia in August! I'm taking one class, a wire wrapping class. It's a technique I don't know and the project is fabulous...and all of the materials are included in the cost of the class (which is not cheap, let me tell you!) At least I know I'll have quality supplies.

Will August come quickly?


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